Saturday, January 4, 2020


I'm a little bit LATE !

(been traveling to see family)\\

So - Here Goes !

2020 was GREAT...

We MOVED to North Carolina, and bought a house in the mountains...  We love it here, my DH fishes in this fabulous pond, and the whole lower level of the house is for QUILTING and GUESTS - sometimes they are QUILTING GUESTS !!!!

Yesterday we saw a Great Blue Heron fly all the way down the pond - it was so spectacular !

I used up a LOT of thread this year ….  more than any year since I started taking a New Year's Day photo of the year's empty spools....  Now my empty spool drawer is empty - better get busy !

I sent some of my fancy linen quilts to shows, and got a beautiful Judges Choice ribbon for this one, which you have seen before... but here's a closeup - it's called Sunday Pearls.

I completed my term as a University Dean, and resumed faculty status as a professor.  This year I am on leave and am enjoying having time to adjust and prepare for a new role beginning next year.

It was a great year -  and I plan for the next one to be even better !

Happy New Year to you and all the special people in your life.



Louise said...

It was a banner year for you! I hope 2020 brings peace, health and happiness to you and your family :)

Moira said...

So many wonderful things have happened for you this past year, and it's only going to get better! Love your house and where you live.

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