Monday, May 29, 2023

Hands2Help 2023

 Well hello -  I'm so excited that Hands 2Help (learn more HERE) is going so well this year - well done to everybody !!!

This year a whole bunch of different things all came together and I had a big ol' pile of quilts to give !  

I sent them to an organization called Quilts Beyond Borders -  they will go to refugees - there seem to be so many these days -  Afghan refugees, Ukraine refugees, Syrian refugees.   

I hope my quilts make them feel snuggled. Most of these quilts come from scraps in one form or the other.  Some were partly done by friends and fellow sewers.  They are all headed to their forever homes now !

Travel well, my friends, and snuggle hard - there are lots of kids who need an extra warm hug  :)


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