Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Great Fabric Hunt

This is Patchwork Plus, in Marcellus, NY... at 6:30 on this SATURDAY MORNING !!!! Good grief, what's going on here... Well, it's the Great Fabric Hunt, otherwise known as the Anniversary Sale!
Well - everyone knows, to go hunting, one must head out well before dawn:

...........yep, 4:36, off we go to Patchwork Plus. Dear Hubby went with me to help me with carry my 'bounty'.

....... we got in the front part of the line of hunters by arriving early

..... there are the treasures we are hunting - quilt-shop-quality fabric at $2.30 a yard, in honor of Patchwork Plus's 23rd Anniversary!

And sharply at 7:00 am, the hunters are allowed into the corral, and the grabbing frenzy begins:

Here is my treasure - good grief - 156 yards of fabric - BUT ITS FABULOUS FABRIC... (and that is DH (sorry about your head, dear) )

And by 7:30, the tables were empty, and everyone put their trophies on their vehicles and headed home to prepare their prizes for future quilting and sewing...

This great sale is held every summer... come on up to the Finger Lakes next year - shop, fish, and hunt fabric...


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