Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Bernina Design Flaw ?????

I HEART BERNINA.  I admit it.  I love my two machines.  I would like five or six more.

Even my Dear Hubby knows the 'make' and 'model' of my machines, except he pronounces it "Bernini", and I remind him that Bernini was an Italian opera composer.

I talk to them.

I wrap them up to stay warm when I 'm not there.

I make sure they get their cholesterol and blood pressure checked...

They are perfect.

I even heart the box they came in, and have kept those original boxes now through three moves. 

But recently I got some new machine oil, having used nearly my last drop....

It came in this adorable little container.

 As you can see, it's official BERNINA OIL - I'm sure it was made from a top-grade SWISS OIL,  from a well high in the Alps owned by Heidi herself , then refined in Zurich somewhere, and then painstakingly put in this tiny little container, because only a few precious drops exist in the western world...  and, like fine perfume, you only need a single drop of the pure essence.

The container is not clear, so you can not see the level of the secret potion inside - I'm sure this is to prevent theft by the cleaning lady, who might covet my priceless, official Bernina oil.
So - I take off the top, put the lovely point down where I want oil (here it looks like I am oiling my cutting mat, lol), and press on the white button...  seems like the thing to do - yes? 


Turns out it takes both hands, squeezing as hard as I can, to get one drop of oil out of this torture device...  Pressing the button NEVER works - I just squeeze the base of the container until some oil finally oozes out begrudgingly.

IS IT JUST MEEEEEEEEE?? or has anybody else bought this little cutie???
Is Bernina trying to slow global warming by limiting our use of oil??

I can NOT wait til I use it up... maybe I will just take the oil out and put it in another oil dispenser...

.......................... so glad this is all I have to be perturbed about today..


1 comment:

Elaine Adair said...

LOLOL - you are living pretty "right" if this is your worst problem! 8-))))

Happy New Year!

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