Sunday, December 18, 2011

Clue 5..... in progress!

Hi everyone, on the Monday of the week before Christmas!!! 

Here are my "parts" so far for the Bonnie Hunter mystery - Clues 1,2,3,4,and 5... I just love the colors... I keep thinking there must be a lot more neutral to come in the next clue - cause so far the neutral (my yellow) is not very prominent... it will be interesting to see what comes next!  Clue 5 is taking a while - I have 200 done of the 350 needed.   To see what others are doing, visit  

Mr. George asked me to say Happy Holidays for him - he is napping in the sunshine, as you see.  He is a very very senior kitty now, 18 in kitty years, which at 6 years per human year is... let's see...  108!    He has been declining for a year now - I thought he wouldn't make it til Christmas, but here he is in his favorite spot, napping in the sun, ready for the holiday - way to go, George!

I have been playing with strip sets of scraps ... I have succeeded in the goal set 18 months ago not to fill any more bins with scraps...  all my scraps from the past year and a half have been sewn into strip sets and then made into something for a charity quilt, like a chinese coins oor something like that...  I like mixing the black with the scraps - we'll see how this one shakes out when it is complete. 

The next two weeks will be very quiet at my house - so, bring on the quilting... I can't wait!!

Happy quilting,



heather said...

Great colors!

Rabid Quilter from California said...

I love the colors you're using for Orca Bay! Mine are purple, pink, green and beige. But I really love Mr George!

Unknown said...

Love your colours! A real surprise in store.

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