Friday, July 13, 2012

Business Trip: no quilting boo hoo

oh, the dreaded business trip - three solid days of traveling, attending meetings, presenting information, and then flying home............... although I did so much enjoy the people I saw at the meeting, which was held in Oxford, Ohio, on the campus of Miami University - which is no, in Miami, Florida...  lovely town. 

 I missed quilting - but did sew a few hexagons on the plane - not really so many, after all!

While I was gone, DH did the sweetest thing... he picked up all the 'tiny bits' that had found their way on the floor of the sewing room, which I have been trying to tidy up before company comes next's all his "booty" from the floor - ha !

But now it is Friday night - we just had some Mexican food and a margherita, and I am ready to cut fabric up and sew it back together... here we go !!!!  I think I will stay up all night and sew my fingers to the bone................... ha, i will fall asleep at 11:15 as usual I am sure.

Photos of progress to follow soon!!!!!!!!!!!!! yippee.........................


1 comment:

Anne said...

Ahhhh Oxford, Ohio about 20 miles from where I was raised in Hamilton, Ohio. My cousins owned Oxford Drugs and a craft store in Oxford years ago. I bet it's changed a lot since last I was there!

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