Saturday, July 21, 2012

This is Such Fabulous Fun !!!

I'm working more today on my medallion quilt - the one I am making up as I go along... with some turns and 'reverses' (rip it) along the way !!! It began as a center square, called "North Carolina Star" in a Sally Collins class at the Asilomar Empty Spools Seminar in Monterey.

So, here's what it looked like in my last post:

Well, I looked at it and looked at it, and it just didn't suit me.  I liked the idea, but the red fabric just didn't work, and it wasn't precise, even after squaring it up... I kept remembering Sally saying "when it lives up to your standards, you can move on to the next step...

oh heck, gimme my ripper.

Then came a very sedate version - I will have to do something with those setting triangles - lots of plain space - but room for some quilting or some applique or embellishment later.

 So, now here is where it is headed...  the green border has been cut in half and a raspberry strip inserted, and a new pieced border is 1/4 done...
 These tiny pieces borders take a loooong time to sew, so don't look for anything much more on this from me for a while !!!!  I'll be turtling along.   It's 20 inches wide now... 

Do I know what will come next?  No, but I know it will involve 4" LeMoyne Stars...  at least I HOPE it will involve 4" LeMoyne Stars!!!

Many thanks to Julianne, who sent me these lovely 9 patches after reading about my work with the Sunshine Yahoo Guild. on the blog "Quilts are for Giving".  
Gotta run - my sewing machine is getting lonely!! 

Happy Saturday sewing to all,



Sharon Stroud said...

Hi, Kathleen! The changes to your quilt are making it even better. The plainer corners let the center block shine. Looks fabulous!

I know there are still some people wondering if your hexagon quilt is from a book or if you are making it up on your own. Would you be willing to share more info on that?


Kate said...

Oh you bet I will! In a post very soon. ...glad you like the changes to the block, teach!

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