Sunday, October 7, 2012


Look who came to live with us: 

His/her name is/was Gloucester.  He was a boy until Wed last week, when he was taken in to be neutered, and the vet found out he was not a boy but a girl !!!! 

Sweetest thing you ever saw/snuggled.  12 weeks old.  Ferociously brave.

We adopted two kitties, the other one around 6 months old.  His acculturation is not going very well, and at the moment he is in the closet... not sure how this is going to go with him....  time will tell.


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The Quilting Elf said...

I'm sure you know that some kitties take longer to acclimate to new situations than others, but your scaredy cat little one in the closet will soon find out that they've landed in kitty paradise on earth (totally unbiased opinion on how your other kitties have been treated ...)! Your Gloucester looks like a darling addition. You'll be having fun being trained by your new additions for some time to come - LOL.

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