Monday, June 3, 2013

ooh ooh

ooh, ooh, quilting on vintage linens is just sooooooooooo much fun!  I have three projects going:

First, the handkerchief quilt named "Victoria" is now bound.
 I'm putting little gold beads on in some of the detail areas - aren'[t they yummy?

This little table runner is at the most fun stage, as I put in the parts that actually affix the linen firmly down on the underlayment..
 and the detail work is just started...

 and I just started the third one:  a 'mourning' handkerchief - to be used by a woman in mourning... in this case, the hankie is mostly white, and only a little bit black, so the lady is nearly finished with the mourning period...  I'm putting it on a piece of dark gray dupioni silk, and it will be set off-center.

As I go through this project of many hankies, I want to try different ways to set them - center, off center, and who knows what else... 

 Here are the "bones all drawn out with a Sewline pencil... that's my favorite white marker...  this stencil has a sort of Art Deco look to it.

 and Mystic just wants to know how all these quilt parts got into his bed - good grief, how's a kitten to take a nap????

Hmmm it's Monday - four more work days til another weekend   .... yippee!



Marjorie said...

I'm loving your approach to reintegrate beautiful linens. I'm spreading my sewing time now to include clothing sewing and have grand plans for turning some old hankies into a splendid skirt!

Kate said...

Hey, we will pair up into a hankie team! Thanks for stopping by.
Kate the quilting professor

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