Friday, December 6, 2013

Class Cancelled - Quilt Retreat !!

Well - my class was unfortunately affected by the 'big storm', which in California means that the foothills and Sierra Nevadas will get snow.  The class was to be held in an area in which snow is predicted, and some of the ladies don't go out in snow, so it was shortened from two days to a half day class - which isn't worth it for me to drive to ... so I opted out and will


Let's set some goals...  hmmm

1.  Finish a couple of charity quilts that needed binding and washing (ok, I am cheating, I did these last night:  

 The first one is made from Lotto blocks won from the Sunshine Quilt Guild  the second is a Mystery Quilt I did online last New Year's Day - anyone else remember doing this?  I really thought it was ugly ugly - and way too bright - but now, quilted and bound, I like it a lot - isn't that the way it goes!

2.  Package up my "Mystic Glacier" quilt for the Road to California show - just need a label, and to do the paperwork - I hate doing the paperwork and packing...

3.  Sew down a binding on a heartstrings quilt that will get shipped to the group collecting quilts for the Illinois floods - have a set of three almost ready to ship -

4.  Clue 1 (and start Clue 2) of Bonnie Hunter's mystery.

OK, let's see if I can get those things done before I go nuts and set a whole list of goals I have no chance of completing (but I enjoy doing that so much!)

All day - quilting only - soup is in the crockpot - it's a bit cold here and a great day to hide in and quilt. 

Everybody stay safe from the cold and storm.

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