Saturday, December 7, 2013

Quilt Retreat Day #2

Oh, fun, fun.... quilty retreat day 2...  Let's see how I did with yesterday's goals:
1.  Finish two kids charity quilts and wash - DONE
2.  Finish the binding on an adult heartstring charity quilt - Done, and in the washer.
3.  Pack up the "Mystic Glacier" quilt for shipping to Road to California - PROGRESS BUT NOT FINISHED.
4.  Clue 1 Bonnie Hunter Mystery - STILL PLUGGING ALONG.

So - here's what's 'doing' today:

1.  Charity top, made by my friend Valeria - QUILTED
 2.  Clue #1 Bonnie Hunter -  50% of Clue 1 is Finished...
3.  Extra quilting books put up for sale on eBay - DONE

4.  Quilt packed up for shipping - PARTIALLY DONE.

hMMM, that doesn't look like a lot for today, does it?  Well, some days are just like that...  you plug along, but nothing finishes... it just 'plugs along'.  And there were those other things like cleaning out the refrigerator of all the last vestiges of Thanksgiving, and a few other household chores.

I'm off to hear a choral holiday concert, then will sew some more tonight and tomorrow. 

Perhaps tomorrow will be a big finish day !!!!  well, probably not .... but I will have fun anyway.

DH ordered pajamas for one of the kitties who is struggling with the chilly temps -  that should be interesting - anyone putting a bet on whether the cat will wear pajamas???


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