Wednesday, December 4, 2013

It's Off to Class I Go

Oh, I am getting very excited - I'm going to a CLASS ! 

I have two fabulous days in the town of Paradise, California (yes, there really is a town called Paradise) with teacher and quilter extroadinaire Cindy Needham.  I have studied with Cindy before, and each time I come away inspired, informed, and improved! 

Here's just one small example of the work Cindy does on vintage linen: 

The class is on machine quilting heirloom feathers and backgrounds - more than anything, I just need a couple of days of retreat - am so looking forward to it!  I'll be taking a camera, so will have some things to share, I'm sure.  
My work with the Bonnie Hunter mystery hit a wall when I realized I didn't like my colors, after making around 70 units...  hmmm, why couldn't I see it sooner???? 
Well - here's the original colors:

So, back to the drawing board - the reddish brown became a camel brown, and the green became a bright blue... 

and now I am much happier to move forward on the mystery !   Wonder what I will find to do with those other squares?   Hmmm, charity quilt... 

So, better run and pack up my class stuff - see how little I can forget this time!  

Happy Happy Quilting,

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