Friday, December 20, 2013

Oh, the Wonderful Gift of Time

Hello everyone - a greetings and Holiday wishes to you all.

Because DH and I have no close family on the West Coast, and because holiday airfares are just unbelievably high, we will not be traveling, but staying here for a quiet Christmas...

and the best part:::: I have almost two full weeks off from work... Just have to go into the office for a few hours on Monday, and then I am off until January 6. 

So - it's time to FOCUS....  it would be so easy just to quilt away willy-nilly - a little on this, a little on that -...  and oh, what fun that would be.

 BUT - I have some really major 'finishes'  coming up, and I really NEED to take something off my list... so here goes an attempt at prioritization::::

1.  This piece has just GOT to get finished... which means just a little bit more stitching, then a hanging sleeve and label.  And a photo to enter it in Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival...  not too much to do, just need to focus and get it done.

2.  Finish this piece.  There is a fair amount of stitching left to do, but I would really like to have this finished. I don't have any plans for this piece, but it needs to be DONE.

3.   The Great Hexagon quilt top is ALMOST, ALMOST finished.   Just 1/2 of one edge row.  I so want to be done with this top and get it sandwiched into a quilt...  focus, focus, I can get this done I just know it.
 4.  The pineapple quilt (on the Bonnie Hunter pattern "Pineapple Crazy".   Since this photo, this is bound, and the hanging sleeve is cut out and assembled - just needs to be sewn on... surely I can get that done - oh , yes, a label,  and a  name... 

IF I CAN FOCUS on these , I can brag about FOUR big finishes, all of gigantic projects.  I just know I will feel so good having these completed...  won't I?  

So - let me go get busy.... cause of course I have at least six other projects ongoing at the same time!!!! 

Stay tuned for updates...



Elaine Adair said...

You certainly deserve bragging rights on all these projects, even if not totally finished. Each one is stunning it its own way - I am partial to the Pineapple! On my list, BTW!

Happy Holidays, and a very Happy New Year!

Vicki W said...

You are so productive that I know you will get all of them done!

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