Friday, November 27, 2015

Staycation Day THREE !

It's a happy staycation here...  but not a completely happy one.

Both DH and I are still  bit under from the winter "crud" - but it's nice to just snuggle inside and do a bit of this and that, with frequent naps..........and a lot of hot tea.

I finished up this little beauty last night..........

Isn't it lovely???  It's a little charity kid quilt - and I don't know who made the top - several people send me tops to quilt - when I first saw it I thought it was boring and "ooh too peachy", but quilted up I completely love it, and it was fun to work with so much negative space...  and the color seems perfect now - go figure how that happens.

I'm also doing to de-cluttering - made up a big bag of clothes for Goodwill, and have been filling up trash cans with every piece of paper I can find to throw away.............. 

This morning I have been playing with some crumb blocks - I love crumb blocks - we will see what comes out the machine !!

oh, honey - are there any leftovers ???? 



Vicki W said...

I like that quilt a lot! Your quilting made it really special.

Marlene said...

Yes it is definitely lovely. Love how you have quilted this and I am sure there will be one happy child when it is gifted.

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