Thursday, March 17, 2011

Summer Festivals !!!

OH MY , I am having so much fun!!!

I am planning my summer... and I am going to two quilt festivals (at least!)

In June I am going to the National Quilt Association show in Columbus, Ohio. I have long wanted to take the two-day class they offer in quilt judging - and I am signed up for it... I would love to do some judging... but figure I will also learn a whole lot about quilting at the same time... how fun that will be! I also have a dear friend in Columbus...

Then in July I am going to Quilt Odyssey in Hershey , PA.... I'll be taking a class with Cory Pepper plus two drafting classes - drafting is something I love to do, and these look fun... AND, one of the best things about Quilt Odyssey is that one can make a side trip to shop in the lovely and inexpensive Amish fabric shops!!

OH, yippee - it's going to be a fabulous summer for the Quilting Professor!


1 comment:

Pattilou said...

It really does sound like a fun summer! Glad you shared your plans.

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