Sunday, September 18, 2011


This is my DH - disassembling the last quilt frames from last year's quilt show. Isn't he cute there with his little apron? He isn't really as lonely as this photo seems - there were lots of DH and DS around helping.
I really don't think today is a "day"for the boys, like Father's Day or Grandfather's Day - but I think we Quilters should create a day to say a special thank you to the "boys"... I see them everywhere quilters gather...doing things for us:
Toting stuff from car to meetings
Waiting outside quilt stores.... patiently (or not)
Driving us to quilt festivals - and then going looking for a Bass Pro Shop nearby
Building quilt frames
Putting up flyers
Helping guilds with 'stuff'...
Carrying sewing machines
supplying trucks and vans
testing quilts for 'snuggleness'
oh - and here's a special one - my DH actually likes to vacuum in my sewing room!
and a not-so-happy one - locating missing pins by stepping on them!
What about the 'boys' in your quilting life? Give them a shout out...
Happy Sunday quilting,

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