Thursday, December 22, 2011

It Was a Delivery Day Around Here !!

Hello Hello All -

In keeping with a little bit more relaxed time at the office, I took this afternoon off and came home...  oh how nice... 
The UPS man delivered these:  Books by Sally Collins - - I'm taking a class with Sally this May, so I need to read up.  If yolu have ever seen her quilts in person, they are just breathtaking - small, unbelievably precise... make my heart go pitter pat.  We will be making a personal version of the sampler shown on the middle book - - can you imagine how much we will learn doing that????    Yippee......  and then
the grocery man came and delivered a LOT of groceries to my house... oh boy I love grocery delivery.  The concept of having someone shop, bag, tote, drive, and then bring it into my kitchen - for 7 bucks !!! Oh boy, sign me up.  I buy all my heavy stuff when I have delivery - and then just pick up milk/bread, etc. in between having a delivery every two weeks - - I am a happy camper.

And then I spent some time delivering something myself - some blocks... namely Clue 6 of the Bonnie Hunter mystery... here are some of my 'parts' from earlier clues:

 And here is how Clue Six came out...  I'm hoping it will turn out very Mediterranean looking - right now the blue sort of shocks you, and my instinct is to rip it out and put something more sedate in there, but I'm gonna leave it, and see if all plays off itself, and off those little string triangles above...  after all, that's what mysteries are for - surprises!!!!  I'll be working on these for the next few days - -  I decided to moderate the scrappiness by using a constant fabric in the center blocks and the corner blocks, and I think I will like it...  still enough variety in the other scrappy parts, I hope.
Right now I am doing the Happy Dance because these little beauties measure out perfectly at 6 1/2 inches -  I think I am finally becoming more predictable in my sewing.... perhaps it helps that I quit using that 1/4 inch foot!!!!  I seem to do better with a regular foot... oh well, we each have to use what works, now, don't we???
I hope everyone is finding some time to sew while still getting prepared for Christmas...  I'm probably nuts, but I'm going to do another mystery quilt on Christmas Eve - I'll post more about that tomorrow or Saturday !!!!



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Michelle said...

Oh, I envy your grocery delivery! They don't offer it in our area (we checked when I was on bedrest a few years back) Seven bucks to have someone bring me my entire list - I'd totally go for that.

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