Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sewing Up a Storm !!!

Hi all...  cool temps have returned, schools have reopened, and I have had the opportunity to spend several weekends sewing to my heart's content !!!

Miss Bit has decided that the ironing board makes a great kitty bed - - interferes with my productivity, but aww isn't she cute there...  (ooh my ironing board is grungy)
 I have been working on two quilts for Christmas presents....  first is this little 'kitty' quilt.  The center blocks were leftover from another quilts, so I just made the ladder blocks to go with it - I'll show you more when it is finished...
 Second is a little kit from Connecting Threads... This was on a 40% sale, so who could pass that up?  Just the fabric was a deal - but I decided to actually make the quilt, and it's really cute...  many triangles, but that's ok sometime....  I should be able to get this done by the holidays.....
I've also been quilting up some charity quilts, including this one made from crumb blocks.  I was gifted a giant stack of crumb blocks, which I worried about ever using.  So I put a triangle on each side, making a square in a square, and took them to a retreat - and said a little prayer that people would sew them up - AND THEY DID !!!!  I think I will try that technique again in the future when I get a big pile of crumb blocks !!!
Well, that's my quilty action...  I am sitting here today looking at my "big" projects - a linen piece, a couple of detailed quilts - and somehow I am just not in the mood................ oh well, another day I WILL be in the mood...  won't I ????

Happy Sunday everyone - hope you are ready for another busy week !!!


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The Quilting Elf said...

Your Miss Bit photo on the ironing board cracked me up! It's the little things though that make us happy - I got a new ironing board cover recently and don't miss my grungy old one at all ... Miss Bit might appreciate a new cover just as much - lol.

PS The finished scrappy is lovely.

Kathy T. in Tampa

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