Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Little Calendar Centerfold

Hello  readers -

My kitty Mystic is going to be a CENTERFOLD !!!!

We entered his photo in a kitty photo contest sponsored by the Maine Cool Adoption agency in Oakland, CA.  And he got named KITTY SEPTEMBER !!!

This is the photo that will be in the calendar.  He loves to climb - and a ladder is just his most favorite favorite thing !

I must admit that he DOES take a fetching photo:

Mystic on a BAD HAIR DAY


 Mr. Bedroom EYES

YEP - that's my little furry boy - 

can't wait for the calendar to be published...

and yes, we have ordered one for all the uncles and aunts and sisters and brothers...  this calendar, after all, is a FUND-RAISER for Maine Coon adoptions !

and, yes, this very gorgeous kitty was once a little homeless kitten - he came from a family who was evicted from their home, so all the pets had to be adopted out. 

What fun these two kitties bring us every day !!!! (yes Miss Bit is a little jealous - - we will have to do something special for her very soon)



Julianne said...

What a beautiful kitty! Of course he made the calendar, look at him!

Claudia said...

Love the pics !!! What a beautiful boy !!
Congrats on getting in the calendar.

Elaine Adair said...

Oh yes - you can brag out loud that your girl is a centerfold!!! Congratulations - she IS very beautiful!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

congratulations on the honor of being in the calendar! It is a FABULOUS photo and deserves the spot for sure!

I used to do calendars for the Swissy Club and for CAAWS. Now that i am president of CAAWS I have delegated that duty to someone else!


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