Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday Sewing Fun

Happy Easter everyone !!!

I always remember Easter from my childhood - baskets from the Easter bunny, a new dress for church, and oh yes - white patent leather shoes... there are lots of photos of the children on the front porch with easter outfits...

hmmm - how much we have changed... today I will be doing well if i change out of my sweats... wonder if that is good or bad? oh well.

This photo is the fabric I received from my partner Tonya, in the Hands 2 Help Charity Challenge. You see Tonya started this quilt off with a strong 'boy' and 'wheels' theme! Then my reader Pam in MT suggested a layout, and I was off to the races!!

These four-patches are the first part of my quilt - I added some fabric from my stash that has lovely road signs on it, which fits nicely with those wheels in the focus fabric!!

This is going to be a really fun quilt! And I hope equally fun to the little boy who gets it..

Yesterday the ups man brought me a huuuuuuuuuge box of fabric... there was a great sale at Quilt in a Day online site, and I took advantage to buy some large-yardages, for backs, borders, etc.

So - it's Easter, and I get to do these fabulous things today:

1) Bake a ham - I love baking ham - soo easy;

2) Eat a lemon ice box pie that DH made yesterday;

3. Finish preparing my quilts for the local quilt guild show next weekend;

4. Continue on my H2H quilt;

5. Keep cleaning my sewing room (endless, I know).

6. Wear sweats all day..

Happy Quilting everyone,



Vroomans' Quilts said...

Great little boy fabrics and would could work better than a 4-patch to showcase them. I am staying in my sweats today too.

Kate said...

Thanks - you are right! There will be big pieces in the quilt, too, for those wonderful cars and trucks...

Penny said...

I thought of you yesterday when I went to Quilters Corner's in Ithaca. Did you ever finish the Baltimore applique quilt from the class with Sharon at Sue's in Watkins Glen. Penny

Jamie in Louisiana said...

Too hot for sweats down south, but I am pretty close -- t-shirt and shorts. Can't wait to see this little quilt finished. AND I love the fabrics you purchased too!

Karen said...

The fabrics are too cute. It will bring many smiles to one lucky little boy.

Kate said...

Penny - great to see you in the comments!! I have almost finished that quilt - it got very delayed by a move across country - but it's back on track now!!!!

I miss Sharon's great classes - although I don't think I was sorry not to be there for this past year's weather! Take care, Kathleen

BunkHouseQuilts said...

Love what you have done with the great fabrics you received. Looking forward to seeing all the H2H quilts. Home for the afternoon and in my sweats too~!

Sarah Craig said...

Sounds like you've got a lovely day planned!! And I really like the quit design you've chosen - it will look awesome in those fabrics!!

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