Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Random Thoughts

Hi everyone - thank goodness Tax Day is over!!!! I get a refund!!!!

Whatever shall I do with it???? hmmmm...

My petunias burst out in bloom this week - being new to California, I am still amazed that they live through the winter here... and then bloom their heart out in celebration of spring!!

good grief why does Blogger put this huge space in here??????

I had a sandwiching fit recently - here's a whole stack of charity quilts that are now ready for machine quilting... I have learned that once I get something sandwiched, it's easy then to get it finished - it's the sandwich moment where things can get stuck.

I am participating in Judy the Green Fairy's H2H charity quilt initiative - it's a fun one involving a swap of fabric between two partners - each one makes a quilt with the other's fabrics... kids quilts that eventually go with Judy and her husband to orphanages in eastern Europe.

Here's the fabric I am mailing to my partner, .. hope she likes bright!

another huge space...................

George the Cat has been enjoying the spring sunshine - he is very much a senior kitty now , and sleeps a lot, and loves warm places...


Later that day, he got his spring haircut, stage one... it takes us around three times to get him clipped - he really is very patient, but only puts up with the clipping for about 15 minutes, and then we have to stop for another day...


Anyone know any Chemo Kitties that need a wig????

Happy Quilting,


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