Friday, April 8, 2011


Hi all -

I am just having a boatload of fun with these hexagons - this is my task every night in front of the tv... it has grown a lot since you last saw it... a little lopsided at the moment - got to work on the left side!!!

So - I'm sitting here, sewing up these little darlin's and I look over, and good grief - look at DH's socks!!!

oh my goodness I think we have to make an emergency run to Target to buy the boy some socks that will keep his toes inside!!

I really hate to think about things like that...

Happy weekend to all,



Barb said...

Your hexies are jus awesome!

Anonymous said...

Love your hexies. And why is it that we'll sew as much as we can, but when it comes to mending, forget it. I'm that way - would rather buy new socks than mend the holes.

Sarah Craig said...

Kate - I got your e-mal about participating in the Hands2Help Charity Quilt Challenge - you're a no-reply blogger, so please e-mail me directly at and I'll send you the info!! Can't wait to hear from you!! Sarah

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