Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thanks Pam in MT

Thanks to Pam in MT, who sent me this photo - I now have a plan for my H2H Charity Quilt... isn't this cute????(sorry, Pam, that it is sideways, but very lovely nonetheless!)

I'm already hard at work, starting with the 4-patches... fun fun!

I have barely come out of my sewing room all day - DH is off checking out fishing spots, the cat is sleeping, and I am watching Lifetime Movies and sewing - hooray...

DH calls Lifetime the "Cryin' and Dyin'" Channel - he says all the characters are doing one or the other !!!!

A big box of fabric was delivered this morning by UPS - can't wait to see what is inside!!
Happy Quilting,



Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

My DH calls that channel "The Bad Man Channel." So many of the characters are precisely that!

Kate said...

Oh Nancy, your hubby and mine would get along fine... you are right, all the men are villains...

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