Friday, April 22, 2011

Send those Ideas Right in !!!

Hi everyone - yummmm, its Friday!!!! hooray... and I have lots of quilting time planned this weekend.

I have to finish up the quilts I'll be putting in the Amador Valley Quilt Show - have to deliver them on Monday , so got to put those sleeves on now!! Why do we wait til the last second????

So - look at this fabric: I just got it in the mail today from Tonya - my partner in the H2H Quilt Charity initiative, sponsored by Judy the Green Fairy... isn't it fabulous and boy-friendly??

In this initiative - each partner sends fabric to someone else, who must make a quilt for a kid... eventually the finished quilt goes with Judy and her husband to Eastern Europe to an orphanage...
SO - the big question - anybody have a great idea for a pattern with these fabrics???
If so, please send it in...thanks,
and happy quilting,



Pam Gimnich said...

I recently made quilt for my great grandson using those kinds of fabrics I would email a picture if your interested

Kathleen said...

Pam - I would love to see a photo! Send it to Thanks

Pam Gimnich said...

sent the picture let me what you think.

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