Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Quiltin' Sunday

Oh, I am knee-deep in piecing and quilting and cutting, too!  Fun, Fun !!!

This piece got a three-piece border - I just have those miters pinned - will need to sew them by hand in order to get the mini-borders precise in the corners...then I will start on the outside borders...

 Making some lotto blocks for the Sunshine Guild.  The theme this month is "brights"... I love these colors together
 And, marking some feathered wreaths in the background blocks of this quilt... I'm a traditionalist regarding quilting, I like the quilting to follow the lines of the seams, so all the pieced blocks are getting a stitch in the ditch quilting, with wreaths in the neutral blocks... I am almost (almost almost) finished!
 and if I run out, there is this "in progress" stack - I took two quilts to my guild yesterday, and put two in a box to send to New York - and I swear this stack is not a bit shorter than it was!  Most of these need either binding or quilting - the problem is I keep adding to the pile - - oh well, that is the life of a quilter, isn't it????  actually I love seeing them in their varying stages of progress...  and I can just grab one from the stack, work on it, and then plop it back in until it is finished...
Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!


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