Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Finishes Lined Up................

Yahooooooooooooooo ...  I just looked in my sewing room and I have finishes all lined up to come in for a landing, like airplanes lined up to land at Atlanta Hartfield after a summer thunderstorm!

About five - or maybe more - projects are within spittin' distance of finishes!!!!!  Oh me oh my I am so excited!!

So - here is the first one:  a small piece, made by Shadow Trapunto technique.  Pattern from Geta Grama in her book,  "Shadow Trapunto".  This is fun, fun...  I think I am going to teach a class in this technique this winter, so I am trying to get a few of these finished to use as class samples and to hold up for 'show and tell' during class!!

 Meanwhile, DH has adopted a new hobby - sorting my drawers of strips -  he likes to organize things - here he is with my 3.5 inch strips - there weren't many of that size ...  the 2.5 inch drawer kept him busy for an hour or so!!  But it is great to have these all sorted - now I just have to figure out what to do with them and find time to do it!!!  HA HA...  (I promised I would not show his head in the photo - - he's in the witness protection program today).  thank goodness his socks don't have holes.
 Tomorrow no sewing for me - work all day and then the Quilt Guild Board Meeting tomorrow night... I always take hand work, though, so get something accomplished...  I'm three months into my term as program chair - it was fun for - oh, about three months!!!  Actually I enjoy the visiting quilt speakers - but the board meetings are not my favorite -  oh well, i must grin and be cooperative!

One of my quilts will be in a show starting Friday - the 'Quilting in the Oaks' show in Livermore, CA... quilts hanging from hundred-year old oaks... it's breathtaking - and , yes, there will be photos!!!

More finishes soon..........


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