Sunday, September 23, 2012

Finish and Finish Again !!

Well -  in my way of counting, each quilt has three FINISHES:

1) flimsy top finished - - party time!

2) quilting finished - - major celebration

3) binding attached - all night blow out!!

So - tonight I can celebrate a NUMBER ONE and a NUMBER TWO  !!!  (oh, that sounds a little risque, doesn't it?? - well, you know what I mean...

 So - here's NUMBER ONE - a little nine-patch number in Southwestern colors - I love the earthy red and the low-contrast deep gold...  and the binding of decorated pots - a manly quilt....  It does not have a "destination" - I think it may end up on my bed!!!!  you know, some quilts are for sleeping under - a novel idea, I know!

and now for NUMBER TWO:  does anyone recognize this?  Bonnie Hunter's "Roll, Roll, Cotton Bowl"  - well, it's a GIGANTIC quilt - and it is ALL QUILTED, on my DSM... yippee!!!  Next it gets binding and then I can party again!!!

I told you a couple of blogs ago I had finishes lined up and ready to go...  well, there's even more lined up behind this...  a couple of little charity blankets and some grown-up quilting as well!!!!

Tomorrow I am going to the Alden Lane Quilt Show - a fabulous outdoor quilt show at a  beautiful nursery where quilts hang from giant old oaks -  one of my quilts is there - I can't wait to see it... 

Happy weekend everyone...  one more day to go!!


1 comment:

Andee said...

Way to go! Love rrcb!!!

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