Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Morning Finishes

Good morning - I do hope everyone is having a good holiday weekend.  I am having a fabulous time working on some quilty projects that have all been creeping toward completion... 

I do love to work on lots of different projects at the same time, which means you must be patient for finishes... but heck, that's how I work, so there.  First, a bright little baby quilt , using some of the giant pile of stripes that I just never find a way to use.............

 This next one was pieced by a quilty friend I 'met' on the Heartstrings Yahoo group - she was looking for a volunteer to quilt it - isn't it just gorgeous??
 and with a gorgeous print on the back!
 These will get boxed up today to be mailed out on Tuesday to the BASICS charity quilt program that Victoria of Bumble Beans is running - I think she is close to making the goal of 700 quilts - wowee!

Meanwhile, DH offered to help with some fabric "processing" - prewashing and folding - look at him go!  Don't you love the laptop poised on the trash can??  Guys - no woman would ever use the trash can as a desk!  Oh well, he is folding fabric, bless his little heart!  I'm a bit embarrassed at how much fabric I had sitting around in bins marked "unwashed"...  well, there is less unwashed fabric now!

go, hubby, go!!
And there are two more days of the weekend yet to go!!  Yippee.............


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