Thursday, March 11, 2010

Company's Coming, I just know it

Well, hello world. I am reminded of the old adage that goes "if a tree falls in the forest...." - well, you know it.

So, I have this blog, and I really don't know for sure how to get anyone to view it. I am working on adding it to my posts on the Yahoo quilting groups I post too - maybe that will bring someone to my little corner of the virtual world. If you visit, please Comment so I can have a party because company arrived!

So - I will chat today about charity quilts. I have made well over 400 quilts or knitted blankets for Project Linus , most of them given to the Greensboro, NC chapter, where I used to live. More recently, I've been making quilts for the Sunshine Chapter of Yahoo, quilts that go around the world to children.

I think I enjoy these small masterpieces because I feel so free when I sew them - bright, sunny colors - great! Seams don't match perfectly - no problem! The only requirement, I think, is the love sewn into the quilt.

So - the photo above is a couch filled with charity quilts from a couple of years ago - I wonder where they are now??? Hopefully some small child has felt special and loved, well snuggled under my small gifts...
I am proud of us, generous quilters that we are.... this is good work we do.


Pattilou said...

Welcome to the blogsphere! It gets to be quite fun!

Elaine Adair said...

Well - I'm here to visit you! The best way to get visitors is to visit other blogs and of course, keep it as fresh as possible!

Welcome to blogdom. I found you on the Yahoo group. Now, I'm going to see what you've posted. Come by my site when you have time. I have a LOT of other blogs on my sidebar that are wonderful!

J Barham said...

What a wonderful selection of colors! So many that would show love to those in needs. I, also, am a member of the Sunshine Quilt Guild and am amazed at how many quils are made and the colors!
Guess i'm into 'bright colors' right now as it is gray and cloudy here in Arkansas. Keep up the good work!

Carol E. said...

It takes a while. People find each other by visiting around and commenting, etc. You are off to a great start. I agree, quilters are so generous, and that is one reason I love associating with quilters!

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