Sunday, October 16, 2011

Quilt Photography Class

Hi all - yesterday I went to Pacific International Quilt Festival !!!! yippeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Wow, but the quilts are just incredible...  photos to come later today.
For the moment I write about the class I took on quilt photography...  you know... here's how I do it now:
Honey, will you hold a quilt up?
Over there, in front of the louvers.
No, it's too bright., try over here.
ok - hold it up... keep holding it.
Right hand higher - no, left hand higher.
higher, please?
And, then, of course, the photo is too dark, too light, crooker, and has feet and hands.  I do know how to crop the photo, and that's about it...
Well - yesterday, I "went to the next level"... took a class on quilt photography.

Well - I learned I have two choices:
1) I can spend a BOAT load of money to get ready to photograph that prize-winning quilt when I get it done ;  or
2) I can just buy a few things and my photography will be a lot better!  (and heck, when I make that award-winner, I can have someone photograph it)

I'm so glad to have choice no. 2., and I can't wait to get started..

The teacher was Gregory Case, who lives at  and does lots of fabulous quilty-things with a camera...  he did such a nice job of handling the various skill levels in the class..

Here's to learning..


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