Friday, August 31, 2012

Eating some Crow

OK, OK, sometime you just got to admit when you are wrong............

I must admit having looked at the Quilts of Valor initiative with some skepticism...

I mean - SOLDIERS... rough, ready, tough, SOLDIERS....

I just wasn't sure a returning soldier really wanted a QUILT...  I mean, wouldn't they rather have something more macho?  More rough - and-tumble..???  I just didn't get it.

But - my guild is doing a QOV drive as part of our next year's quilt show, so I figured, ok, I'll play along and make a disgustingly-patriotic RWB quilt (I know, that cynicism is showing again :)_

So, I have been working on a QOV quilt - here's the 'body'
 and this is one of the borders, in progress... cool border, huh??  This is a pattern from the book "Scrap Therapy" by Joan Ford.  

This pattern needs lots of HST's, and I asked DH to draw some diagonal lines on squares for me - and he did (he likes to do that - grin)... then he asked me about the quilt, and I explained QOV to him, and I said "I'm not sure a soldier really wants a quilt when he comes home from war" - what do you think?

And, then, my sweet DH, who was drawing diagonal lines on 3 inch squares, reminded me that he was a Vietnam vet, and that when he returned from Vietnam, some people heckled him and spit on him at the Seattle airport... and he said "I would have really loved to have been given a quilt".

............... and I shut up and went into my sewing room and sewed on the Quilt of Valor.

I plan to attach a little note to the quilt to tell the soldier that a Vietnam Vet helped with this quilt!


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Vicki W said...

Normally we do not hear from the soldiers receiving the quilts but once I received a note from the wife of one of the soldiers who received a quilt I made. Just thinking about that deeply grateful note makes me tear up even now, 4 year later. It motivates me to keep making them. Also, check out Alycia's blog. She always has stories from her delivery of quilts.

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