Saturday, August 4, 2012


Hello hello, and happy Friday night!!!

Well - today was a big quilty day ... I got a PROPER design wall..!!! hooray hooray hooray!!

I have never had one because we have moved frequently for the past decade, and so I always thought - at the next house... well, hell's bells !!!! 

I've tried all the 'make-do- design walls - sheets, the sticky stuff on the wall, etc.  But what I really wanted was a nice wall where I could stick pins in and hang things up with out them falling back off...

Well, DH came through...  We went to Home Depot, found the sheets of building insulation, and got two big 4 by 8 sheets.  Then we had to rent the little HD truck to get it home, and unload it, but that all went well.

This afternoon I covered it with batting, and DH brought it into the quilt room, where we discovered it wedged perfectly between the floor and the ceiling with nothing to hold it up - MAGIC !!!

This was all together so so easy - I can't believe I waited so long....  

 So - here's my new little corner, with my new little wall... I have a second piece I can put beside it when I need a bigger wall (can't get to the closet then, oh well!)

Sharon Stroud - do those pieces on the wall look familiar???? 
Sharon taught a class in applique in New York where I made those little 'learning' pieces, and I enjoy seeing them every day!  thanks for the class, Sharon

More sewing TOMORROW !!!!



Sara said...

So happy for you!! Design walls are quite a tool to have as a quilter:) Have a great sewing weekend!

Sharon Stroud said...

Congratulations on your design wall(s)! And thanks for the kind words about the applique classes! And, I LOVE the progress on your wallhanging. It's absolutely beautiful.

Dora, the Quilter said...

I'm curious about whether or not you covered the polystyrene or just left it plain.

Glad you have a great design wall now.

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