Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Quilter's "I Spy"

....... IN MY QUILTING STUDIO, everything is neatly stacked
 - all the works-in-progress are laid out, each neatly stacked with the fabrics to complete them.
Beside each project, the thread for the project sits patiently, for the turn to be put on the machine, taking the project on the next step of its completion.

AS THEY SAY - a place for everything, and everything in its place.

well - NOT QUITE !!!!!

I don't know how it happens - I have no real "staging" space, so I just lay one thing down on the floor, and then ten other things jump on top of it... and pretty soon................ UGH !!

 But, hey -  within that pile, I SPY some great stuff... Let's see...

First, here is a RWB quilt that is in the process of quilting.  It is awaiting location of the perfect red and gold quilting thread.
 A little charity quilt - the binding just got stitched on, and next will be flipped and stitched down.
 hmmm - anybody recognize the colors of the current Bonnie Hunter mystery "Easy Street"???
 And a spectacular wall quilt of Shadow Trapunto...  about half quilted...
 and, oh, my, what do I spy here ????  a small wholecloth quilt, in progress - doesn't that look yummy???? 
Well .......................   now if I could just sew on them ALL AT ONCE!!!!

or maybe I'll just tidy them all up and vacuum the floor !!!!  egad...  I need a better system or a bigger room!!!  OR BOTH!!

Hoping everyone had a lovely holiday,


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