Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Fun and Finishes!!!!

Oh WOW , the Quilting Professor is a happy girl today !!!  My 'day job' is getting quiet, and the days are short, so I have more quilting time - yippee...  And then there will be ten whole days off - - heck, I'll probably get my whole stash sewn away !!!!

DH and I made gumbo today - - we lived in Louisiana for ten years, and learned to cook a good Cajun dish - today is chicken and sausage gumbo - here's the roux in the early stages - not done yet!!  Have to keep stirring and cooking until it gets medium brown.
 I finished up this quilt - which is good since it's a Christmas present for my mom...have to send it out by UPS tomorrow since I won't see her this Christmas... hope she loves it.   And yes, I labeled it - I have sworn on a stack of fat quarters that all my quilts will get labeled!!  Merry Christmas, Mom...
 I finished quilting this little 9-patch kids quilt for the Sunshine Guild... fun colors.

 And then I lost my mind completely and started a quilt made of these little beauties - will you believe me if I tell you this block is FIVE INCHES????  And, yes, the color pattern is correct - you will see when there are more to go together... ugh these take a long time, but use up my small scraps very nicely, which feels GREAT!

And Kittens Gloucester and Mystic, named for two great East Coast seaports, just don't understand why they USED to fit in this basket together so much more easily !!!! HAHA too much kitty kibble!

Hope you are all enjoying holiday prep or travels, or QUILTING!!!


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