Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fence Full of Charity Quilts !

Oh , but I do so enjoy making charity quilts...  and I save them up til I have a big ol' stack...
Recently, it was past time to turn in the big ol' stack... so first I took a "group photo"!!!  This is about a year's worth for me...I like to let the stack grow for a while!!!

 Aren't they just fabulous all hung out in their glory?  I did not make them all, I should hasten to say - many were tops made by others that came to me for quilting. 
So, since I was running out of storage room, and these needed to be put to good use,  Dear Hubby packed them all up and drove them over to Stockton, CA, where they will be labeled for the Sunshine Quilting Guild.
 From there, they will go to San Francisco, to the Rotary Warehouse, until they go on a medical mission to some third-world country with a bunch of hero medical people who do surgeries on facial disfigurements... and these quilts will be on some sweet little one when they wake up from surgery!!

See lots of nine-patches?  Yep, a challenge, to honor a former member - we collected 1200 nine patch blocks -  the tops and quilts are still being assembled!!!! 

I'm so proud of all the charity work quilters do -  what a nice bunch we are!!

Happy Quilty Sunday,



Empty Closet Quilting said...

You really should be proud! What a wonderful project, keep up the good work!

Michelle @PowerfulHER said...

Hello! I'm looking for charity quilting opportunities in the Bay Area. Can you please reach out to me if you know of any?

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