Saturday, March 16, 2013


oh, my , oh my, Happy International Quilting Day !!!!

What a fabulous day I had at my house - it was all quilting, all the time!!!!

Everyone - yes, everyone got involved:

Mystic quality tested a charity quilt that I finished binding:

 Bit did a softness test: (yes, it will go through the washer before donation)
 Bit watched Bonnie Hunter (ok, that was yesterday, but the photo was so darned cute I just had to include it)
 and DH??? he finished removing the paper from this big 'chunk' of my pineapple quilt... yippee, honey!!  more to come !!
 I kitted up some applique for an upcoming trip - I love doing applique on cars, planes, and buses!
 This little blue charity quilt got some quilting, when these quilty paperweights would get their little butts off it -  I explained them the idea behind free - MOTION quilting...!
 a few more blocks toward the 47 "One a Day During Lent" blocks - ooh 47 is a lot!
 and I got this floor area all tidies up and the vaccuum run... ok, NOT !
Oh, what a GRAND AND FUN day !!!  Hope you had a great International Quilt Day !!


1 comment:

Sara said...

Lots of fun over your way! I am in love with your pineapple top and you got the hubby involved that is wonderfully smart:)

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