Monday, July 11, 2011

hello hello hello everyone!!!!

Well - remember the other day when I was all freaked out about the MONSTER QUILT???? That would be the charity quilt that turned out to be TOO BIG, TOO BRIGHT, TOO HEAVY, TOO HOT.... JUST TOO TOO TOO ..........ARGH!!

Well, today I picked it up from the wad into which I had tossed it, and spread it out on the floor:::

oh my goodness - IT SHRANK! AND IT'S NOT TOO BRIGHT - OR TOO HEAVY - OR TOO HOT!!! It's rather bright and colorful - and today I like it...

JUST MAYBE - it was 90 degrees the last time I was playing with it, and today it is 60 degrees!!! Very different perspective!
So - I'm off to finish quilting it...

On Sunday I had a great class with California quilter Linda Ballard - here are some great photos of pieces that were "built" by my classmates!

and this next one is mine.............(smile)

you'll likely see it again as it grows... (until you are sick of it!!!)

Now I have to go unpack all the crap I took to class and put it back in my sewing where it belongs - oh, that's a joke - i'll put it back where it doesn't belong... but at least I will put it back!

Happy quilting everyone,



Elaine Adair said...

How many times I've said "I'm not really liking this quilt" and after it's done I say, "This is my new best favorite." 8-))) Not sure whey this is but the string quilt is just that. A good, attractive, useful quilt - I think the quilting helps to tame down bright colors as well.

The Quilting Elf said...

You find some of the most interesting classes ... I'm jealous! And I love the brightness of the string quilt. It's cheerful.

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