Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Furry Baby

Hi all - this post is about my big baby, George. Mixed through the post are some photos of him - he has always been a "big boy". He was born to an unwed mother, whom we adopted. She birthed him in a recycling bin - poetic, huh? Talk about humble beginnings.

George has had quite a life - he is 17 years old now - he has lived in Louisiana, Colorado, North Carolina, New York, and now California. He has three times flown on a plane - in a carrier under the seat... and if you think security is fun - try going through security with a cat -he has a set of wings from Jet Blue.

In case you wonder how that's done - security, that is - the animal has to come OUT of the carrier, and be held through the magnetic tester - not sure what they do now with the nasty naked photo machine...

He is beautiful, isn't he? His daddy was a roving salesman in the neighborhood, and his mom was - well, let's just say she liked the boy cats...her litter had two fathers - OH MY ... she was "easy"...

Well - this post has a happy ending,I think. For several months George has not been eating, and has lost lots of weight - I thought we were headed to the Rainbow Bridge... so much so that finally I stopped giving him some meds that he always takes to alleviate some nasal congestion that he suffers from... and I figured it would be a week or two before ... well, you know.

Well, about five days later, he started eating... eating without being prompted, or being fed baby food from a spoon... yesterday he jumped on my lap and stole a potato chip from the bag... and today he ate CAT FOOD - he hasn't eaten cat food in about a month! And you can tell he just feels better. He is a skinny kitty, but he's eating, and not throwing up. And gradually eating a bit more each day.

My world is so much better today - my furry baby is snuggled up on DH, with a belly full of food (actually both of them have a belly full!)

Everybody keep your fingers crossed for George to keep eating!!! That will keep me happy!

Happy quilting, everyone. To close, here's a photo of the furry one at his "fightin weight"... that looks like a good sleep, doesn't it??

Kate......................... and George


Anonymous said...

Hi Kate, My friend Pam did the same thing. She took her dog off all meds and the dog is doing great. I am glad to hear George is better

merrily row said...

Kate, my fingers are crossed for you and George.

I have one of my own. He flew with me from San Jose to Chicago and back every two weeks when I worked in Michigan. The flight attendants knew him by name. When we came on board it was "Hi, George" but no Hi for me.

The Quilting Elf said...

I loved hearing George's back story. What a proud lineage (well by Hollywood standards anyway). He's just so charming and handsome. I'm glad to hear he's feeling a little more perky now. Here's a <> for George!

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