Friday, July 15, 2011

A New Favorite Tool !!!

Hello everybody - and welcome to the WEEKEND !!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!! I have two whole days (and Friday night) to do whatever my little heart wants to do !!!! Wonder what it will be????

This is a picture of my new favorite thing: the Precision Trimmer... I learned about it at a class taught by Linda Ballard... it 's a square-up tool - and it squares things up just perfectly, not only square, but perfectly centered... I love it, I love it...

Here's how it works:

To square up a 3 inch square in a square: I divide by half to get 1.75.

and then I find the intersecting 1.75 lines on the ruler... I put tape on so you could see (the tape is not necessary): you position the lines on the points of the inside square, and trim right side and top, then flip it and trip again:

and - voila - a perfectly centered and trimmed square within a square:

Lord I love it when it's precise!!!!

If you're interested in this tool, go to Martha McCloskey's website,, and you can find it!! (and no, I'm not the secret heir to her estate - I just love this thing!!!!

I think you can square up all other kinds of things, too - this is just what I know how to do today!

Happy quilting this weekend,


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