Sunday, January 15, 2012


The word went out:  Emergency garage clean-up !!!!  Not that I have too much quilty stuff, mind you - but it had gotten disorganized, and there didn't seem to be any room for - well, you know -  for MORE !!!!

Unfortunately the cardboard boxes have to stay for a bit longer (hopefully one day they will be gone)... but some of this other stuff can be put out for adoption!!!!
 A couple of hours later, this box of string blocks was all packed up to go the Heartstrings Yahoo Group!
These squishies are packed full to bursing (hope not...)  One goes to someone who wanted scraps.  The other goes to a fellow quilter who lost a bunch of her 'stuff' from flooding - it includes some four-patches from a swap, and some nickel squares and other 'goodies ' that I hope she will enjoy..

Next I went in the yarn bins - I had a lot of leftover mis-matched stuff - - one skein of this, one of that...  half of that... can't believe I moved all this stuff across the country last year.  I answered a Freecycle ad from someone who wanted yarn for a knitting group that makes charity blankies, hats, gloves, etc.  Turned out the woman was my down-the-street neighbor - -  so she went happily away with this HUGE bag of yarn...

I opened a box and discovered yards and yards of denim fabric...  A few years ago I got six GIGANTIC boxes of denim donated by the Cone Mills factory in Greensboro, NC...  I've been making fabulous picnic quilts from it...  but this box was different - it was a flatter color, and not prewashed, so I never used it... so I put it up on Freecycle...  with the condition that it must be used for charity!!!  Turns out the same neighbor who knits also works with a group that makes tote bags for foster children who need containers for their stuff when they are relocated... sometimes they must carry their clothes in grocery bags...  So -  this is around 15 yards of denim - it is on my front porch today, awaiting her pickup - yippeeeeeee.

 Last thing to leave my house today?  this small envelope - my tuition fee for Asilomar...  in May... I can not wait - a whole week with Sally Collins - do you know how accurate my piecing is going to be after that!!!!!  Wish I could go tomorrow.

Well, by the 'rules of blogging', I should close with an 'after' shot of the garage - sadly, it really doesn't look much better...  but at least some of the things I wasn't going to use have now been adopted by others and will do good things for the world!

..... gotta go sew on my Orca Bay quilt...  putting the rows together... and eager to get to the borders...

Still two weekend days left....


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