Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What Does the Whale Say????

When you have put together several rows of your Orca Bay, and the little four-inch squares don't go in the 'right' direction...
What does the Whale Say???
Why - Rippit, Rippit.... of course  !!!!
On more positive news - Monday I was off from work - and the LQS had no class scheduled - so it was MAKE A SANDWICH DAY !!!  and I talked dh into helping!!
Here's the mystery quilt i made on Christmas Eve as Pocket Full of Mysteries.  It's a Dorothy Young design - thanks, Dorothy, for the mystery - it was fun, and I love the quilt... can't wait to machine quilt this one...

 And - can anyone identity this design????  Yep, you got it - B onnie Hunter's Roll, Roll, Cotton Bowl...  I admit I was a little reluctant to sandwich this big bad, quilt... but a million safety pins later, it is almost sandwiched - I say almost because I had a little booboo - my backing turned out to be about three inches too narrow - but I have more ordered, and can just add on that little bit - no way I'm pulling out all those pins!!!!

I am so very glad to have both of these big quilts sandwiched -  and actually it was lots of fun...  especially with my volunteer helper...  what a good sport he is!!!

.... got to go to my sewing machine... it's calling...............


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The Nifty Stitcher said...

Hi Kate sorry to hear about the unpicking you have to do on Orca Bay. It's so easy to loose track putting this one together- I really have to concentrate.
Congratulations on getting RRCB basted and ready for quilting,
Mine is sitting in a cupboard waiting for me to do that!

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