Wednesday, January 25, 2012

An 'aww' Story of a Charity Quilt

Now, I ask you - isn't this just the most beautiful little  boy????? 

He isn't just asleep, he is recovering from surgery...  he just had some sort of reconstruction surgery by the kind doctors sponsored by Rotoplast International...  I'm sure he and his mom were afraid...  When he awakens, he will see a quilt on him - with PUPPIES!!!!
 This little boy lives in TOGO --- TOGO, why - where is Togo??? Well, I'm glad you asked:

This quilt, made in the old USA, was part of the Wrap-A-Smile Project, on the Yahoo Groups site, which the Sunshine Yahoo Group sponsors... I'm not sure if I made this quilt, or quilted it, or what - it looks really familiar to me, and I know I had those fabrics, so maybe it was my quilt...  I hope so. 

The Rotoplast Medical teams take the quilts with them when they go international to do these wonderful surgeries to correct clef palettes or other disfigurements, giving these children new lives... - and new 'huggy' quilts....  imagine it - boxes of medical equipment, and boxes of bright, colorful kids quilts. 

I got to go sew some more charity quilts... My heart is so happy to see this photo, and am in awe of my quilt being in Togo...  kudos to my friend Terri, who lives in Maine, who founded the Wrap-A-Smile program, and keeps it running... 

Happy Quilting,


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