Monday, January 30, 2012

Annee from Arizona and Jenny P

Annee and Jenny - you are the winners of the book giveaway I hosted a few posts ago...  My favorite friend, the Random Number Generator, picked you !!

Unfortunately, my computer won't connect with you through the link, so I have left notes on your blogs... so if you see this, please email me at

Can't wait to send you these very cute books - so send your snail mail addy!

(I will try again to email you from my work computer, which is a bit less contentious than my laptop)..

Thanks all who commented and entered..



Jennie P. said...

Thank you Kate!!! I'm emailing you now.

Andee said...

Whoot whoot! I just emailed you...I am Andee from AZ (not Annee) but I don't see an Annee on the comments so I think you mean me!

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