Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hexagon Update - Month 11

Holy Hexagons!!! 

It's been eleven months now since I started this project with the tiny center star... 

this month I started working on a corner - it's soooo exciting to be doing a corner...  can't wait to see a 90 degree angle emerge - that will feel like a real movement toward conclusion...   right now that left corner just looks like some sort of strange growth - hopefully it will begin to look more in harmony with the rest of the piece as I get more done.    I have found that any new area looks totally weird until there's more than one area like that, and then it looks perfect... 

ha - conclusion!!!!  I'm guessing this will take another year to finish the top... 

So - this is the Feb. 1 photo (a few days early)  

You know - after working on this for 11 months, now I see hexagons everywhere I look... like this photo!!!! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend - I'm settling down tonight with a movie - and some hexagons!!!

Happy quilting,


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