Sunday, January 8, 2012

What a Quilty Day !!!

Wow - it's ten p.m., and I started quilting this morning at 6, and I haven't stopped yet - boy did I get a lot done.  Let's see...

Pin-basted a kid's charity quilt made by someone else.

Made six really fun blocks for a Lotto, with fish in the middle.  And these are in an envelope, ready to be mailed out next week:

 Added a row to my Orca Bay (shown here not yet sewn on).  I love the colors now...don't ANYONE write me and tell me any part of this is put together wrong, cause it's just tough, it's sewn up now!!
 I put a binding on this little charity quilt, which was made by some ladies in prison - My guild has a prison program - the ladies make tops, and then some of us quilt them and then they go in the charity drive... this is now finished..
 And I did a LOT of machine quilting on this quilt:  I love watching a newly sandwiched quilt literally 'shrink' as it is quilted - going from this big, floppy pile of layers to something that feels like a real quilt...  lots more to do on this.

I also stopped by the LQS and found a perfect border fabric for a quilt that I thought was finished, but then I decided to put one more border on it... I think it will look really finished with this last wide border - at least I hope so... will try to put it on tomorrow and see...

GEE - I GOT A LOT DONE.  Quilting makes me feel better!!

Thanks, my friends,



Pokey said...

I do like your Orca Bay colors, it all looks good to me!

LuAnn said...

I keep seeing different colors in the Orca Bay mystery, and love each one. Yours is great and so are your other quilts.

The Quilting Elf said...

Oh, how much you can get done sometimes when you just keep cranking. I was so sorry to read about your sweet George. Hope this note doesn't start the waterworks again, although they are cathartic. He was a lovely addition to your blog ... He will be missed.

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