Saturday, January 21, 2012

I'm Getting a Logo!!!

Hi all, and happy weekend...

The Quilting Professor is getting a logo!!!

I believe in giving business to independent artists and craftsmen whenever possible.  For example, I try to buy from a place called Mike's Appliances rather than a place called Sears...  Mike is much more likely to shop in my grocery store, to coach little league, to cook a pancake at the community event, and to donate to local arts and crafts, than is anyone from a place called Sears, where the profit from the business goes to stockholders in high-rise apartments in NYC or some other place.  (I know I'm generalizing, but once I start on Sears, I can't stop - and don't even say the word Wal-Mart).

So - I went to Etsy to find a logo design... and I found Mike Nolasco... Nolasco Designs.  Cool.  Saw some examples of his designs, and off we go!!  Here's the image from  Mike's logo:

You can learn more about his work at

He will be sending me some rough designs to choose from ... how fun!!!

Stay tuned - this will be a trip.

...............and Happy Quilting


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