Sunday, February 5, 2012

Off to a Sputtering Start

It's early Sunday morning here in California - it's a bit nippy and I'm snuggled up until the house warms up and the coffee kicks in...

My petunias started blooming - so spring can't be far away - I bought these two summers ago - wonder how the nurseries stay in business when simple petunias survive the winters and don't need to be purchased each summer?  I'm still amazed at this climate...

 I finished the quilting and binding on this little charity quilt for the sunshine Yahoo Guild - someone else made the top - I volunteered to quilt up a big stack of these tops, and am gradually working through them - somehow it didn't go as quickly as I had imagined - lol!!
 And I played with these tiny 2.5 inch pinwheels that were made from bonus triangles... here they are all trimmed up and ready to - - what???  I really don't know - but at some point I am sure they will volunteer for something!
 Georgie says hello -  some of you wrote lovely notes when I posted that he was in kitty hospice.  He is nearly 18...  he stopped eating and lost a lot of weight.. (this is an earlier photo) and we thought he would be gone within days - then my DH started hand-feeding him baby food - and he is improving every day - today he gobbled down his catfood after hollering at me to feed him before I could even have coffee!  So, he's enjoying every day - today is a great day for kitties - hours of SuperBowl lap from Daddy!!

I have the whole day to sew, but can't get started.  I want to do the SuperBowl Mystery on the web at I have the fabric out to start... perhaps going in the sewing room would be a good start..  I NEED to finish up my Bonnie Hunter mystery - just working through those pieced borders and then the top will be complete. 

Of course, I could work on one of the other umpteen things that are already in progress! - -  hmm, wonder what will win my attention.............. maybe just another cup of coffee.....

oh - I just remembered a 'super bolt' sale at the LQS.... now that seems interesting to me!

Happy SuperBowl Quilting to you all,


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The Quilting Elf said...

I was so happy to see George! My vet saved my beagle's life by giving her massive antibiotics and rehydrating her when she was literally about to cross over (she had an inoperable tumor). I then had 6 more months with her and I was so grateful.

Hope Georgie continues to hang in there and be comfy.

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