Saturday, November 12, 2011

Flying geese flimsy is FINISHED - HOORAY!

This is a Linda Ballard center design, with a Seminole pieced border around it just for fun, as if piecing all those flying geese had not been enough of a challenge !!!! 

I hope to get this all quilted by the New Year - hope I can meet that schedule.

This sweet little thing is a charity quilt of nine-patch squares - put together like this they make an interesting pattern, don't they? 
A good day - one finish for me, one finish for charity !!

And a wonderful guild meeting with Kathy Miller, the "Singing Quilter" - if you have a chance to hear her, do it - she's really fun...

a great day... and tomorrow the neighborhood has a Craft Boutique, which we can just walk down the street and enjoy !!

.................and, how could I forget - I stopped up the kitchen sink with some leftover spaghetti - now I ask you, how could spaghetti stop up like cement????  DH wants to wait til Monday to have the plumber............ heck, no dishes to wash tomorrow , sounds fine to me... 

Happy Quilting,


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