Thursday, February 21, 2013

A New Fascination

Hi everyone...  since I have completely run out of UFO's (NOT) and have no other Works-in-Progress (DEFINITELY NOT) , I went off on a new track!! Well, almost a new track.

I have become very fascinated with the work being done by quilter Cindy Needham (  She mounts vintage linens on an underlayment, and then quilts like a wholecloth quilt...

So I started with a linen placement with lovely lace work on it that I bought on eBay:

 So I mounted it on a piece of fabric, I can't remember what kind - something slick and shiny, and got out my stencils and started drawing... these are just the "bones" of the quilting - now I can fill in lots of detail work...  this is really fun.
(those horizontal lines are just basting lines and will come out - no worry. 

And these came in the mail - a gifting from a friend in an online guild... let's see, I will put something bright with them...  wonder what - fun to consider...  I love these type of 'starter units'... thanks!!

Weekend starts soon!!  Lots of sewing time...

Happy Quilting,


1 comment:

Empty Closet Quilting said...

Your new project is really pretty! The UFOs (that may or may not exist) can wait.

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