Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Progress Pics

Hello hello, just a few progress pics on the project I started in a class at Road to California, with wonderful creative Cindy Needham, who works with whole-cloth quilts created from vintage linens.  This piece is a linen placemat, on an underlayment of sateen... it has just quilted up beautifully, and I just have a bit more work around the edges to do before I can square it up and bind it.

 I can't wait to start another linen project!

and, for tonight's laugh - my darlin little kitty, Bit, with her head in the toilet... she just love love loves watching the toilet flush, and stirring around in there with her little dainty foot...  

'night everyone... no more time for quilting today!!!


1 comment:

Sharon Stroud said...

Just exquisite, Kathleen! I am in awe of your machine quilting skills.

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